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Omni Events, LLC

4921 N Main Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29203
803-549-6943 ot 803-764-6688

4921 N Main Street

Columbia, SC 29203

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Delivery is available to Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding cities within a 20 mile radius.

 A standard delivery fee will apply. Orders must be placed prior to the day of delivery.

General Pricing

1 Dozen Latex                                  $11    with high float   $14

Bouquets -- decorated with tulle and ribbons:

     5  Balloons (table)                     $12

      7 Balloons (table)                     $15

Bouquet (floor)                                $30 starting

Bouquet (with large foil)            $45

Columns                                              $35 starting

Heart Shaped Column                $50